• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

The Adventures of Isabelle by Nicole Cutts @SuccessDoc


I have a friend, who kicks BUTT.  She has a PhD in awesomeness and she is a success coach. She’s coached me for years, which isn’t easy, I tell ya, but she perseveres nonetheless. DOCTOR NICOLE CUTTS. Besides running small countries, Dr. Cutts runs a success coaching business called Vision Quest Retreats.   At VQR Doc helps us women open up a can of whoop ass on our lives to become Even More Awesome (EMA).

One of the ways women can become EMA is to go on a heroine’s quest. It’s kinda like a hero’s quest except that, hey, we’re chicks and we don’t need heroes to rescue us.

Did you hear that?

We don’t need heroes to rescue us from our dilemmas.

And that’s the premise of Doc’s book: The Adventures of Isabelle: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho



Now don’t let the spacey title fool you. There may be a few cosmic references, but it’s not too trip hoppy. Princess Isabelle is born and through a series of events learns that she must go on a quest, a heroine’s quest. So she packs her horsie and her trusty pooch to seek her future.

Now where have you heard that premise before? Lots of places, right? Young women go on quests all the time but they’re usually in search of true love, or some kind of romantic gobbledy gook like that. Heck, even Katniss kicked ass but was all goofy eyed over Gale and Peeta Bread. Like many of us, Doc wanted to see a different kind of heroine.

Doc shows us that girls don’t hafta compromise. I can’t wait to follow Princess Isabelle’s adventures.

Wanna be EMA (even more awesome)? Grab this book and tweet her.

Now get out there and be EMA!!