Children Diversity Reading Challenge

Discover Black History Month with Shakespeare

So we are just a few days into February, how is your reading going? Have you found any great new reads that focus on African Americans? Here’s a book that I reviewed a minute ago, but it is so AWESOME I wanted to remind you about it again.

It’s called¬†Ira’s Shakespeare Dream

Ira's Shakespeare Dream by Glenda Armand

Ira Aldridge was a free Black in the 19th century. Despite these circumstances, however, he became renown as an actor around the globe. He is especially famous for acting as Othello. ¬†Here’s my review. I think the age group on this book could go as young as Kinder and work up to early elementary. Kids can read the book themselves or as part of a teacher’s read aloud. There are so many ways you could incorporate this into your studies!

African Americans plus Shakespeare, what’s NOT to love???!!!


Nothing, that’s what!


By Janeane Davis

Janeane is the Administrative Librarian at Unconventional Librarian began reading at age 5. Still an avid reader, the mother of four reads a wide range of titles from the Bible to business books. She can also be found at