• Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

2018 Diversity Reading Challenge is HERE!


It’s 2018 which means it’s time for the Diversity Reading Challenge

Diversity Reading Challenge

I’ve designed this reading challenge to fit in with just about any other challenge you participate; the only catch is, the books must contain diversity. You can make the challenge as simple or as complicated as you like; but hey, surely you can read 12 books in 12 months, right? Just make sure that each month you read a book that contains diversity.

You can do it.

4 thoughts on “2018 Diversity Reading Challenge is HERE!”
  1. Thank you for sharing this list. I would also recommend adding to the list a book about Native Americans. Also, the list mentioned young men and women. In that same line of thinking, I suggest adding a book about a person over 50. This is a large active group and readers who are not part of this age group could benefit from a greater understanding of this community. Overall, great concept and I hope it benefits all who take on the challenge.

    1. HI Thank you for your comment. I agree that Native Americans should be represented; I will certainly consider adding that topic next time. I’m not sure a book about a person over 50 will appeal to children which is ultimately who the books are intended for.

  2. I’m in again! This challenge really helped me read differently – better – in 2017; looking forward to discovering more diverse authors and characters this year.

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