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Bookish Tea Party Fun: Orange Tabby



It’s a Dewey Party!  Not really but the colors of the party go well with the book and the young miss liked cats so we incorporated that into the theme as well. Our birthday girl was turning 12 and she and her friends were good readers.  It was easy to develop a party that these little ladies could enjoy.



We played pictionary using book titles.  The player chose a book title from a basket and then had to draw the title without using words.  Can you guess what this book title is?

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And of course, you can guess what book title this is, right? What other bookish games can you think of?



By Pam

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That table setting is beautiful and magazine worthy! All it takes is an enthusiastic and creative mind. I’m sure the kids enjoyed the party.

thank you so much for the kind words. my partner IS a creative genius!

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