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O is for Odd #AtoZ Challenge



Welcome to O, which is for Odd. Have you ever felt odd? Yeah me too.  Here’s a book for you.



When the new kid joins his class, Woodrow agrees with his schoolmates–Toulouse is really weird. He’s short – kindergarten short – dresses in a suit like a grandpa, has huge eyes, and barely says a word. But Woodrow isn’t exactly Mr. Popularity. The frequent target of the class bully himself, he figures that maybe all Toulouse needs is a chance.

And when the two are put together in gym to play volleyball, they make quite the team. Toulouse can serve, set, and spike like a pro. He really knows how to fly around the court. But when the attention and teasing switch back to Woodrow, he learns that the new kid is great at something else: being a friend.

D’awwww doesn’t that sound cute? Who doesn’t love the name Toulouse?

So I’ll admit that finding a title with the letter O was tough.  Got one for me?


By Pam

My passion is advocating for diversity in children's and YA literature.

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Hey Pam! I haven’t read all your posts, but have you explored early learning educational apps for children and that kind of thing? Many of them would have storylines, and finding letters might not be such a challenge! 😉

Great work you’re doing here – a great resource for families and kids. I note a pattern of outsiders and odd individuals – a running theme through YA and kids’ fiction, perhaps? Best to you. Scribbler at

Visiting on the 17th day of the #atozchallenge. Imagine your blog is a great help to teachers and parents hoping to provide children with good reads. Congratulations. If you have time or interest, I am writing about gardening and related topics this month. Come and visit.

Hi from Twitter and A-Z land…
Read a few of your posts, makes me want to go back to reading childrens stories! Some of them sound amazing!
Have a fab day!

A book title with letter O? Now you’re asking hard questions 🙂 I’ll come back if I can think of one. But love your recommendation here. Yes, who doesn’t like the name Toulouse?
Silvia @

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