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Blogging from A to Z THEME REVEAL! #atozchallenge

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It’s here, it’s here! It’s time for the blogging from A to Z challenge theme reveal!

Want to guess what my theme is?

Here’s a hint. Take a look at the picture and see if you can guess my theme.



If you guessed books you’d be right.

But what kind of books?

Leave your answer in the comments!

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Your favorite children’s books past and present?

I’d have to add Ramona the Spy into the lot, if it were me. I roamed the neighborhood one summer, spying on all my neighbors after reading that one. My big takeaway? Most people are pretty boring! Haha…

Anyway, I’ve bookmarked you and shall return. Happy A to Z-ing to ya!

Historical fiction children’s books or books for tweens? Can’t wait to read the books you highlight.

You know you’re not playing fair. It’s called “reveal” for a reason. You’re supposed to tell us what your theme is. Now, you’re making us guess? Seriously? Ok, fine! LOL. Since I’m still working on my guest post for you, here is what I think your A-to-Z Challenge theme is:

Favorite Books from the Unconventional Librarian’s own Childhood

The Madlab Post

You’ve got three chapter books and a middle-grade (4th-6th) (Laura Ingalls Wilder), and so I’d guess you’re targeting children’s books for younger readers.

Love your topic. Looking forward to reading about middle grade books as the book I’m writing now is a middle-grade/YA novel. Good luck with the challenge.

Yep! Kids books, middle grade are the best, second only to Young Adult and picture books. Thanks for stopping by!

hoorayz! I love kids books — middle grade & YA are my fav, so either genre will be a hit with me. From the comments, it would appear I’m not the only one! Eager to see what suggestions you plan to offer during AtoZ. I’m participating, as well — my topic is writing in general and my current work-in-progress in particular. See you around! 🙂

I am a librarian as well and children’s books are my favorites! The books from my own childhood as well as the ones I read to my children continue to hold a special place in my heart and on my bookshelf. Can’t wait to see what you highlight!
Gail at Making Life An Art
(My A-Z theme is Family History)

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