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How To Schedule your #atozchallenge Posts?

You’ve committed yourself to the a to z challenge. You’ve tossed around a few ideas. You’re excited to begin but still you’re wondering…

How to Schedule your A to Z Challenge Posts?


Scheduling is VERY important friends, if you want to have a stress free #atozchallenge! Here’s an image that should help you know when to schedule each post.

APRIL-CALENDAR [2014] - updated

Love this graphic? Click the image and it will take you to the site and you can download your own and make it your desktop image!

So, you have your schedule, now what? Do as much prep work as possible BEFORE the challenge begins:

  • preload all your titles for the month with #atozchallenge somewhere in it
  • choose your theme, if you’re having one
  • download/upload the alphabets for the appropriate blog posts
  • try to write 3-5 blog posts prior to ¬†April 1 (that way you’ll have more time to have fun & visit other blogs)
  • when you DO sit down to write blog posts, try to write at least a day or two ahead, in case of emergencies (cuz they will come up)
  • keep your posts short
  • ¬†find a rhythm that works for you
  • read the A to Z blog for tips
  • reach out for help (Tweet me: @Pamlovesbooks)

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5 replies on “How To Schedule your #atozchallenge Posts?”

I won’t schedule mine until the night before, but they are mostly written and formatted and ready to go. I can’t imagine coming up with something new every day.
Oh wait – I did that in the first Challenge. It was not fun.

Gulp. I couldn’t imagine committing to a challenge such as this at this time. With lesson planning and everything, I barely have time to blog a few times a week. It sounds like a good idea though.

I blog weekly M-F with at least 1 often 2 posts a day. i don’t have room in my editorial calendar to add a challenge of this magnitude on top of all I do. My posts are usually written several days in advance and scheduled. I use my “Future Posts Calendar” plug in to help keep things organized.

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