Winter Sports Reads for Middle Grade Readers #Olympics2014

Winter Sports Reads for Middle Grade Readers


If you’re like me, you’re enjoying every prime time Olympic event. ¬†If you have a sporty kid at home or perhaps a future Olympian, why not share these books with them to pique their interest? They’re short enough that even a choosy reader might be inclined to read about their favorite winter sport.

The sports covered in the collage are: Curling, Skiing, Figure Skating, and Snow  Boarding.

winter sportsCollage



What Olympic events are you enjoying?




By Pam

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5 replies on “Winter Sports Reads for Middle Grade Readers #Olympics2014”

THanks for visiting. Curling, huh? It’s interesting for sure!

Great idea Pam! Books are a great way to get kids interested in sports, especially those that don’t appear nightly on ESPN. I never aspired to be an Olympian but books and magazines like Sports Illustrated for Kids got me hooked on the games and athletes — and I’m still obsessed 20 years later.

I enjoy anything to do with skiing and hockey. Although it’s been fun watching the snowboarding. And yes, I’ve even watched some of the figure skating.

i was never coordinated enough to enjoy sports but I am an avid Olympic couch athlete!

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