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The Great Gatsby and Cupcakes and #BEA

The Great Gatsby

Who knew someone would find a way to combine books and food?  Well, the smart folks at BEA figured out how to do just that! They make cupcakes based on their fave books and then send the cupcakes to me to enjoy (I WISH)!

Either way, their videos are cute and fun and prolly very tasty.

You might remember I read and reviewed The Great Gatsby a while back for book club. My review is here.  While the book wasn’t a hit with me, I might hafta revisit the book while eating several yummy cuppies…


On that yummy note, take a look at the video…

How fun was that? Can’t you just see me yourself eating a cupcake?

Similarly, there is a funny pic going round Pinterest about Gatsby.  Let’s see if I can find the photo.

gatsby party

Thanks to I Waste So Much Time for the original post.  You’re completely right: Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party!



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I went to read your thoughts on the book – totally agree – now i’m looking forward to reading the Chaperone –
Thanks for sharing . . .

haha thanks for the reply! You know I found it lovely you have an Alice quote – I had an Alice in Wonderland wedding! I’m definitely mad mad madddd. *believes in you*

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