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It’s Y day!

I only have one book for you today but it’s a doozy.

Y by Margorie Celona

It’s called Y by Marjorie Celona. As you can see, Bailey liked it too.  Briefly, Y is the story of a baby left abandoned on the steps of a YMCA.  Here’s my review.  Her life was not easy. It’s a tough read but really makes you think.  The cover does not do it justice.

What about you? Read any books that start with the letter Y?


By Pam

My passion is advocating for diversity in children's and YA literature.

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A great pointer for a harrowing story, Pammy Pam. Nice to see you – I’m just hopping about these last few days fo the Challenge – finding people who aren’t in direct line of descent from me!
I have a lovely story on my blog today – Yukon Gold, written by my writing buddy Jon Curran, in homage to Jack London.
Hope you’ve enjoyed your A to Z-ing
Jemima at Jemima’s blog

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