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W #atozchallenge

Whew, welcome to W!


Let’s get right down to it, shall we?


Wintergirls by the prolific Laurie Halse Anderson.  This time the story is of two girls struggling with anorexia.  How does Anderson keep coming up with these provocative books??? This is for sure a MUST READ!  I’d say pair it with Donna Cooner’s Skinny.

Where she Went by Gayle Foreman is the follow up to If I Stay a love story which ultimately, ends (that’s not a spoiler is it?).  Where she went is the followup told from the male character’s perspective.  Interesting, no?  Yes.

Have you read anything by thee authors?

By Pam

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Hey, my friend… Somehow, anorexia is not a subject that I have much sympathy with. Sorry. It is sad that so many young people are afflicted with it, but I just don’t care for reading about it. Give me a good murder mystery anytime. Best regards to you. Ruby

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