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O #atozchallenge

O it’s O day at the A to Z Challenge!


I hope you’ve liked the books I’ve presented to you so far.  Today I’d like to share with you

Out of the Easy Unconventional Librarian

Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys.  This is the display at the bookstore of the hot new release!

The premise of the story sounds promising: 1950s in the Big Easy.  You already know there’s going to be lots of darkness, secrets, and other titillating things going on since the story is based in New Orleans, right? Right. Even though I haven’t read the book yet, I am a little uncomfortable with selling young adults on the life of a brothel.  To be sure, the struggle is to get out of that life, but I’ve found that there is always a bit of (romanticized) glamor within a setting; and this time its prostitution.

I hope I’m wrong but it sounds good.  Hopefully it’s more like Vanity Fair and less like Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  What are your thoughts?

By Pam

My passion is advocating for diversity in children's and YA literature.

5 replies on “O #atozchallenge”

Thanks for highlighting this book – it looks interesting. I do like a 1950’s setting, although as you say – it could be badly romanticised.

Oooh, a real book person – giving tremendous tips!
As a former bookseller – I appreciate this.
So far, my local librarians assist to find a title or topic if i ask specifically – BUT, they seem reluctant to suggest new avenues for the happy reader –
This makes you a treasure.
Happy A to Z!

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