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#AtoZChallenge: J is for Amish

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J is for Amish. Yes, it is!

I have a wonderful little book called

Just Plain Fancy by Patricia Polacco

Unconventional librarian

Just plain fancy is the story of two Amish girls living in Lancaster County PA

“Everything around here is so plain,” Naomi complained. “Our clothes are plain, our houses are plain, even our chickens are plain.  It would pleasure me–just once–to have something fancy.”

“Shaw, Nomi, you aughtn’t to be saying such things,” little Ruth scolded.

I love this book about Amish! I love that Polacco makes the characters seem very real, as she does with all of her multicultural characters.

Living outside the Philadelphia metro area, I am very near Lancaster County and we are used to seeing and respecting their simple lifestyles.

I could totally go for some shoe-fly pie right now, couldn’t you?

What have you read about the Amish?

By Pam

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13 replies on “#AtoZChallenge: J is for Amish”

Not a lot! I don’t think there are any here… but I find their lifestyle very interesting. Sometimes I long for simplicity – with my 400 yr old cottage stuffed with… loads of stuff! It’s not even small… the book sounds lovely.

I’m leaving you my A-Z link as blogger
always identifies me as my shared blog with other poets – my A-Z is this one:

Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to visit lil ole me. Sometimes I wish for simplicity and other times i wish for a smart house.

Hi from one Pam to another!!

I am visiting your blog from the A-Z Challenge linky page and just wanted to leave my little fingerprint on your blog and say hello.

You are very brave to go through A-Z on books. Good luck with the rest of the challenge, best wishes 🙂

YES i had forgotte about that one. thank you! i forgot to mention the best thing about Polacco’s book? It’s signed AND got it at a church rummage sale!!

I love to read too! I haven’t read much about the Amish but “Just Plain Fancy” looks like a good book! Visiting from the A to Z challenge–you’ve certainly taken on a challenge! Great job!

Your title, “J is for Amish” grabbed me like an iron filing to a magnet. What a delightful post! I’ve always admired the Amish, but never more so than when they went to my home state of Alabama and worked for months after the dreadful Palm Sunday tornadoes. I’ll definitely be back to visit your blog!

Oh Jim, how funny that you fell for my little joke! That is so awesome that the Amish traveled to help others after that devastation. That is worthy of respect. Thanks for visiting!

I have a friend from Lancaster County and I own a very nice Amish quilt, but I have yet to read a book about the Amish.
What’s the age group for this book? Maybe I’ll have my 11 year old daughter read it. She too loves fancy things. Lord, help me!

I’d say the age group is early elem. It might be too young for tweens but since there are very few books about the Amish around, it might be worthwhile. All this talk is making me hungry for shoe fly pie…

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