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I might have mentioned that my classroom has a jungle theme.  I think it’s totally appropriate considering i have 17 two year olds! Since I’m always looking for new ways to interest the kiddies in books (which isnt really that difficult) i thought i‘d look into getting an apron.

At first the apron was just going to be utilized: protect me from boogies and what not.

Then it took on a whole new life as i realized what I wanted it to do.

I searched Etsy until i found just the right thing:

It’s a storytelling apron with a jungle theme!

I contacted the owner of KiddieKove because I liked her shop and asked her if she’d work with me.  I now have an apron completely unique to me; no one else has this one of a kind apron ANYWHERE! Anywhere!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product;  I can’t wait to use it to tell a story with my littles!

If you ever need anything creative sewn for you, RUN TO KIDDIE KOVE’S SHOP NOW.  She is a lovely woman, easy to work with and terribly creative.

I am so thrilled with my new apron i can’t stand it.  And if you look closely in the background you’ll see my pooch admiring it too!

I wonder what i‘ll have her make next for me?


P.S.  There’s still time (maybe) to get something for Christmas! Or maybe my birthday!!!!


By Pam

My passion is advocating for diversity in children's and YA literature.

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I am so very happy that you are pleased with your unique apron. You are such a giving person and you deserved to get something special in return. Have fun with your apron and know that I enjoyed creating it for you.


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