As you may know, I’ve participated in NaBloPoMo in the past, at, so you’ll know I’m a supporter.  November was the BIG month for all the bloggers and I was lucky enough to be chosen to give away a prize.  You may have noticed the link on my home page.  I am pleased to announce the winner is:

The Beadknitter!

She can be found at

check her out!

The Beadknitter is a lovely woman from Idaho, who according to today’s post, had tons of snow, so I have nothing to complain about, as it’s just cold here! To help herself stay organized, she chose the lovely organizer shown below which i totally should have kept for myself, but it’s better to give than to receive, right?

I sure hope the Beadknitter enjoys her organizer. It’ll give her more time to knit for others (me, hint hint).


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