Early Childhood Literacy

The Unconventional Librarian has taken a job as a preschool teacher! I love it! Why? Cuz children’s books are the best and early childhood books are the best of the best! Early childhood books have great illustrations, often rhyme and have a great and easy to follow story line. What’s not to love?

I started last week and as I’m just now easing into the job I’ll be able to blog more once I get settled.  I plan to post my lesson plans and books that I’ve read.  So far we’ve read:

Click, Clack, Moo the Cows that Type

The Cow that Went Oink

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?


The Grouchy Ladybug

The Very Cranky Bear (which was a new book for me and I love it!)


I need to teach the children about proper book handling. They LOVE to “read” books on their own but they’re throwing them around the room like balls and that will just not do.

Did I mention how excited I am to be instilling a love of literacy to the youngest set?


Introducing Pam

Pam is an educator librarian who is drawn to the little ones. In her purse you’ll find a cup of coffee, a book, and her iPhone. She loves social media, writing book reviews, and curating children’s literature. She is an information specialist, maven, connector, coffee drinker.


  1. Sorilla says

    Congratulations!!! I think (as far as I know you through your blog ;)) you and “the youngest set” are the perfect match. I wish you all the best, especially with keeping the books in order, lol,

    ~ Sorilla